Over time, there are certain photographs that garner more attention than others. Sometimes they are predictably popular and sometimes I am surprised. That is part of the fun, part of the magic of capturing images. Until now, when someone has asked me about how they could go about obtaining a certain photograph, I didn't really have a coherent and consistent answer.

This new feature, APERTUS IMAGES On Your Wall, changes all of that. In the section below, you will find many of the most popular images that people have requested. I have edited them to sizes appropriate for framing and created possible framing models. Three options are available to you:

-You can purchase the original high resolution print on it's own and frame it yourself.

-You can purchase an amazing Ready-To-Hang ThinWrap, with a lustre/satin finish

-You can purchase the image framed and matted.

All of the images are printed by BAY PHOTO, a pro lab in in San Jose California. BAY PHOTO also prepares and ships the ThinWraps. Their work is exquisite or I would not trust them with these images. Another amazing option is to order a Ready-to-Hang ThinWrap. ThinWraps arrive ready-to-hang, backed with two 3/4" thick lightweight foam blocks with pre-drilled holes. The mounting blocks hold the print away from the wall for a contemporary float effect. If you like canvas mounts, you will love these. I actually prefer them to canvas mounts because you don't lose so much of the image on the sides of the mount. Personally, I love the look and the durability  of these ThinWraps, and you will too. If you would like to actually SEE a ThinWrap, click HERE. If you prefer the framed model, I get all of my custom frames and mats from a company called Craig's Frames.

Whichever option you choose, these prints make wonderful gifts, and you really don't need to order them far ahead of time. They will be at your door in 4-6 days, and I can have the framed model at your door (if you live locally) in one week. You will see a wide variety of images, appropriate for all kinds of different settings--from your living room, to your bathroom, to the new nursery, to the garage. Keep in mind that you can always request to have the image created in a different size, or framed in a different way. If I can oblige, and still maintain the integrity of the art, I will be happy to fulfill your request. If you see an image on my website that you really like, but it is not offered in this On Your Wall section, just ask and I will fix it up for you! I have gladly done this for clients in the past.

Note: All of these images have the elegant cursive Apertus Images emblem in the corner. If you would like to order a print WITHOUT this emblem, just let me know and I will prepare the image accordingly. Don't worry, I will not take it personal! Everyone's needs and tastes are unique.

You can order any of these prints or thin wraps with just a "click." Or if you are interested in the framed models, just email at apertusimages@yahoo.com.

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